If you're handy, building a deck yourself cuts way down on costs, ensuring you'll get an even bigger return. Image: Universal Forest Products

House deck allows us to comfortably spend time outside, BBQ, relax, hang out with friends.. plus it’s definitely an asset when selling your home. Who doesn’t love a nice looking deck, especially if you have a rockin’ backyard to go wit it! You wanna get the most of it.

Building a deck is a project and like any other you wanna try to do it on budget, on time and within the scope. Here are some things to think about before embarking on the home deck building project.

1. Decide where you gonna build the deck and how big will it be. You wanna have it easily accessible from inside the house, and not be in way of the kitchen or create constant traffic in and out. Figure out how the sun will shine on your deck, will you have privacy from your neighbours, will it be easy to get on the deck, and will it be easy to access the rest of the backyard.

2. Decided on your budget and stick to that. Find out all the prices and try to select the best material for the money, keeping in mind durability and the ease of maintenance. Also think about who’s building the deck. You? or hiring someone? That can mean more or less money/time spent. Both have pros and cons. Of course, if you’re a skilled carpenter you might want to do it yourself.

3. Check out other decks in your neighbourhood and make sure that what you have in mind is not too far away from that. You don’t want to build something that sticks like a sore thumb.

4. Make sure you understand the local building code so your deck passes safety and the home inspection.

5. Lastly, you wanna think about how the deck is going to look compared to the rest of your house and how it fits in with your backyard.

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