Florida Home

Florida Home

After such a fabulous Summer it is hard to imagine it is almost over and Fall is fast approaching.

If you are like me those few months of  heat and sunshine certainly helps to make our long Canadian winters bearable. Unfortunately our summers are quite short and many Canadians head down south over the winter to Florida or other warm destinations to escape the snow and the cold. It is for this reason a colleague and myself have decided to offer a  FREE FLORIDA BUYER SEMINAR designed to educate those interested in purchasing in Florida (or anywhere else in the U.S.) on the tax and estate issues that have a major impact on Canadian buyers.

Many junk emails we all receive keep telling us of the deals and steals in Florida and it is true! What these junk emails don’t tell you about are the pitfalls we can run into working with local American Realtors who lack the knowledge and experience of tax and estate issues for Canadian investors.

It’s no secret that the U.S. Real Estate Market has experienced one of the worst melt downs in history. Some prices have dropped up to 70 percent off their peak. It is also no secret that Canadians have become one of the largest international investors in the popular Sunshine States. 95% of Canadians are placing secured lines of credit on their homes to take advantage of the great deals. Cash buyers make Canadians an attractive investor. Having personally purchased property in the USA, I have experienced the trials and tribulations first hand of becoming a U.S. property homeowner. Although the process of purchasing in the U.S. seems in many aspects similar to the system here in Canada there are differences in the process (especially when considering foreclosures and short sales) and there are major tax and estate issues that must be considered before any transaction is finalized. Ignoring these issues may be very very costly and complicated to correct.

This Florida Buyer Seminar will address most of the Legal and Tax Considerations that we as Canadians are confronted with when purchasing in Florida  and the rest of the U.S. The details of this Seminar and Registration for Attendance can be found at www.myfloridasun.ca.

Speakers will include one of the Top Canadian Cross Border Lawyers in Canada on Estate and Tax Issues in the U.S. Also hear from a U.S/Canadian Tax Accountant and 4 Florida Realtors from the Gulf Coast, Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Orlando Areas who have flown in especially for this event. Learn how you can exchange funds at a much more desireable rate than the banks are charging their clients.

Please join us for this FREE Seminar and bring a friend. ALL ARE WELCOME – but please do Register early as SEATING WILL BE LIMITED! You can register On Line at www.MYFloridaSun.ca to reserve your seat.

The time has never been better to invest – Look forward to seeing you!