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Spring is just around the corner and it is this time of the year that most of us start thinking about what we can do to our homes to spruce them up a little for a new season.

Start at the front door. When the weather is permitting (45 degrees) paint your front door a fresh new colour. Splurge and buy a couple of new ceramic pots and fill them with lots of spring flowers and moss.

Bright new colours and streamlined decor should be utmost on your mind for the inside. Maybe an accent wall that you have wanted to try. Or perhaps you would like to replace a colour in a bathroom with a beautiful white and give it a spa look with all white accessories. Or, you can add some colour with a new set of towels or sheets.

Try rotating your artwork. Everyone has too much art. Keep some of your favourite pieces and switch them out. You might also think about some rearranging to give your walls an art gallery look.

Try rearranging and regrouping your furniture. Don’t be afraid to eliminate something that you no longer love and open a space for something new and wonderful.

Refresh! Paint all of your window sills and baseboards with a fresh coat of paint. You will be amazed at a difference it willl make for just a few dollars.

We all struggle with home decorating and how to perk up our homes in the winter months. But it is not practical to paint your room every season. So you may want to decorate a bright yellow or orange room for winter. Accent the room with rich colors like eggplant, chocolate brown or burgundy. Bring these colors into accessories such as throw pillows and candles. Changing accessories easily and inexpensively transitions your home into the different seasons.

Also consider the colors of snow and ice for a modern winter room. White, silver and turquoise create a sleek winter design. Accent the room with mirrors, tree branches and crystals for an enchanted forest theme