Preparing Your Home For Sale

Photo of a staged kitchen

52% of buyers said the kitchen had the most significant impact on their purchasing decision - effective staging will address this!

In today’s Mississauga real estate market the staging of homes prior to going on the market is quickly becoming a hot button. If you are considering selling your home here are some facts that may be helpful in determining whether to “stage” or “not stage”!

  • 58% of buyers made a decision to buy after seeing 10 properties—effective staging keeps your house on the list of must-see properties.
  • 54% of sellers are willing to spend more than $2000 to get their house ready for sale and of those, 25% were willing to pay over $5000—working with the right staging consultant maximizes your return on investment.
  • 63% of buyers were willing to pay more money for a house that is move-in ready.
  • 86% of those surveyed said storage space is important to potential buyers—effective staging maximizes space and spaciousness.
  • Top three interior features for selling were freshly painted walls, organized storage space and current flooring—effective staging will address all three.
  • 52% of buyers said the kitchen had the most significant impact on their purchasing decision.
  • 79% of buyers indicated they would be willing to pay a premium for a home with an updated kitchen.
  • Men (41%) are more likely to place a premium on updated décor than women (30%).
  • 77% of people view homes first on the Internet.
  • 75% of buyers who searched on the Internet went on to view or drive by the homes.
  • 40% of paint sold is as a result of incorrect color choice—CSPTM have Staging Safe ColourTM palette specifically chosen for successful staging.
  • When deciding to view a house, 78% of objective elements are generally pre-determined before viewing: they are location and size—both things are outside of a seller’s control.
  • Elements that create 72% of the first impression inside the home are within the control of the seller—well-trained staging consultants know how to show these to their best advantage.
  • Moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80–$2800, made in preparation for sale, yielded the highest returns when a house was sold.
  • Homes that were staged sold in 13.8 days.
  • Homes that were not staged sold in 30.9 days.
  • The staged homes realized on average a 6.4% increase over the list price.
  • 87% of people said that home presentation makes a difference in most sales.

So if you’re looking to sell your home in Mississauga, Etobicoke or West Toronto area definitely consider home staging as part of your selling strategy and don’t hesitate to contact the top Mississauga Realtor Cynthia Shaw.

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How do you get started?  Having numerous clients go thru this and having my own mom downsize several times and more recently myself, I have several pointers to make this task more manageable.  It is a task we avoid, especially when we look at the stuffed closets and floor to ceiling stuffed basements we have.   It is something we all put off as long as possible but there comes a time where you can’t any longer.  It is easy to downsize by 10%, but most of us need to downsize or rightsize  by at least 50%.  It is the last 20% that is tough.  Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

1. The most common start is a garage sale.  So start there!  Set a date  that is out by a month and then you will have a starting point.  This is a good time to get rid of that first 10% of stuff that you don’t need. 

2. The purpose of your garage sale is to get rid of clutter.  So start small.  Put aside 15 minutes each day (use a timer if you need to) and start your decluttering now, closet by closet, room by room.  Be ruthless!

3.  Now make  a goal  that you will pack one box every day for two weeks of items you must keep and take with you. You can start by packing 10 to 20 of the most necessary items in that room or closet.  Then tape up the container so it will not be easy to rummage thru it.

3. One of the more difficult things will be to get rid of unwanted or un used gifts from friends and family.  Don’t feel guilty.  Just do it.  They will take up valuable space in your new home.

4. You will also find that younger family members are not interested in your treasured ornaments or china.  So display them on several tables and invite in an antique dealer and get a bulk price for everything.  You will not get close to what they are worth but it is necessary to do.  The secret is to forget about it. You must be determined to live in the present and not the past.

5. Look at all your top shelves.  If it is on your top shelve you have rarely used the items or not at all.  So get rid of everything on your top shelves

6. There are also companies that are more like brokers who will buy less valuables in bulk and they will catagorize them and sell them to flea markets, 2nd hand stores or specialty stores.  There are also numerous charities that will come in and pick up items. I am sure you would feel better knowing your stuff will be used and appreciated rather than have it end up in a landfill.

7. Finally, if you still feel overwhelmed and cannot do this on your own, there are companies that specialize in downsizing and counselling to help you.  They will know when to give you  that gentle push and to help you get organized.  They can also help you put together memory books of cherished items.  It is not always having an item but the story and memories behind them that are important.  If you would like some names please feel free to send me an email.

Spring is just around the corner and it is this time of the year that most of us start thinking about what we can do to our homes to spruce them up a little for a new season.

Start at the front door. When the weather is permitting (45 degrees) paint your front door a fresh new colour. Splurge and buy a couple of new ceramic pots and fill them with lots of spring flowers and moss.

Bright new colours and streamlined decor should be utmost on your mind for the inside. Maybe an accent wall that you have wanted to try. Or perhaps you would like to replace a colour in a bathroom with a beautiful white and give it a spa look with all white accessories. Or, you can add some colour with a new set of towels or sheets.

Try rotating your artwork. Everyone has too much art. Keep some of your favourite pieces and switch them out. You might also think about some rearranging to give your walls an art gallery look.

Try rearranging and regrouping your furniture. Don’t be afraid to eliminate something that you no longer love and open a space for something new and wonderful.

Refresh! Paint all of your window sills and baseboards with a fresh coat of paint. You will be amazed at a difference it willl make for just a few dollars.

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